Excellence in Cybernetic Protection


Excellence in Cybernetic Protection


Cybersecurity Facts

of international companies have had information security incidents.
The average cost of a global security incident is more than $2 million.
of cyber-attacks on companies and organizations around the world are performed by former employees.
  Information obtained from: Riquelme, R. (2017, 01). 8 data on cybersecurity of companies in Mexico. The Economist. Obtained 03, 2017


¡At Alanson, we are convinced that everyone has the right to browse and be protect on the internet without worry!

That’s why Alanson provides solutions and services necessary technology information security for you and your organization is protected in the digital world.


Solutions and Services

 Endpoint Protection
Information Loss Prevention (DLP)
Firewall with advanced protection
Process isolation (Sandboxing)
Security & Event Management Information (SIEM)
Access Control Systems
Anti-Spam & Email Security
Web Security & Web Filtering
Malware Protection (Anti-Malware)
Anti-Abduction Information (Anti-Ransomware)
Detection & Analysis of Vulnerabilities and Threats
Certified Ethical Hacker
Firewall with advanced protection
Awareness, information and management of cybersecurity
Prevention, detection and correction of IT risks
Support 24/7/365

Guarantee of highly trained personnel!

All our employees have careers in systems engineering, which guarantees a high level of experience. Our staff supports you throughout the cybersecurity life cycle: awareness, information, management, prevention, detection and correction.


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