Alanson Marketing

Excellence in Creative Strategies

Alanson Marketing

Excellence in Creative Strategies

of mobile consumers use their phones.
of users never go beyond the first page of the search results.
more visits on your website, if your company has a blog.
of companies using social media say that their marketing effectiveness has increased.

Marketing and Digital Media

At Alanson, we create simple and functional ideas for our customers, to build a direct and two-way communication bridge between the brand and the target market. We develop strategies for positioning SEO, video, branding, social media, web site creation and art. Through target analysis, targeted strategies and creative solutions, we can position the brands.




It is the construction of a brand through design and marketing processes that link all the values of a product or company with a single goal: to improve their reputation consistently.

We create and improve brands from their name, graphic identity and internal communication.

Social Media

Networks allow us to exchange information with our target audience. The new tools allow us to meet our potential customers and communicate with them in a less invasive and friendly language than in traditional media.

We manage social networks like: Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, among others; We generate content using the tone and personality of the brand.


The video is the tool by excellence for storytelling. It allows us to create emotions and to inspire larger audiences in a unique and special way.

We create scripts, animations and video production of different magnitudes and budgets.
Web Sites

Both individuals and companies compete to be evaluated better than others and cyberspace is the contemporary medium to show the best version of us.

We make modern and functional websites that convey the essence of the brand.


People don’t want to see advertising, they want to see stories and moments that brighten their day. Good art in an advertisement will attract more attention and will be remembered for longer.

We capture visual ideas.

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